💃 Ross Makes Games 💃

Some of my work 🧑‍💻


💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Metavoidal Lead Developer. Systems, Tools, Graphics, Simulation, Localisation, Optimisation etc. (Release due some time 2024) at Yellow Lab Games


💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 A Memoir Blue Porting and optimising for Nintendo Switch. Notably cached planar reflections and fish simulations. For 24 Bit Games in partnership with RenderHeads

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator VR (Unreleased) Porting to Oculus Quest and optimising. Implementing new interaction affordances for VR. For 24 Bit Games in partnership with RenderHeads

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 The Last Maestro VR therapy game. Solo developer. Implemented device abstraction layer, gesture detection, framework for artists, music beat detection, Gameplay, Graphics and optimisation. For Sea Monster in partnership with RenderHeads

Tutored for XR Bootcamp.

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 DP World Worked on a number of interactives. Synced networked video. Depth sensor interactions, UI and graphics programming.


💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Working on a general framework for the Museum of Science and Technology in Islam to reduce common work, and re-making a number of interactives at a higher fidelity. Video

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Developed and helped pitch an Apple arcade prototype called Petal. Video

Participated in XR Bootcamp. Learning state of the art physics based VR interaction design.

Sea monster VR / Sight sense/Working at Heights VR. Fixing scale issues, improving locomotion and adding physics hands. VR abstraction framework using unity XR. (Then used on future projects)


💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Built a number of interactives for the KAPSARC museum, EKC.

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 EKC Energy City, An experimental prototype about green policy and how it influences city growth and happiness. Video

Did some work on an offline procedural renderer that interfaced with 3dsMax to render furniture via max script, for BrambleCo Furniture. Video


💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Wonderdal. Tools, LAN Infrastructure and system architecture to support tracking players throughout space, tracking cosmetics. Character animation system, Synced day/night across the space. A number of individual interactives.

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Vukuzenzele 2: using drones and photogrammetry of informal settlements to generate game levels. Players could actively re-design their communal spaces in a game setting.


💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Vukuzenzele. A game made to educate communities in informal settlements to re-organise their living spaces. More info. I worked primarily on Gameplay, narrative systems and UI.

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Solo dev'd a number of Space and Arabic Golden Age themed interactives for Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre. Local networked apps with synced video playback, a flight sim and some general framework stuff. 2017 Showreel


Full stack and data visualisation for Nomanini Displaying usage data as a heat-map as well as improving internal CI tools.


💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 Comp-Sci exchange with the University Of Eastern Finland.

💃 Ross Makes Games 💃 National Diploma: Information Technology at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

A slime mould pathfinder?