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Hey! I'm Ross; a game developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. This is my public portfolio and blog.

I work as a game designer and gameplay programmer at Yellow Lab Games where we are building Metavoidal


Before that I worked at RenderHeads building immersive interactive exhibits, VR games, UI, Depth sensor nonsense, prototypes, serious games (why so serious), As well as 24 Bit Games porting and optimising for Oculus Quest and Nintendo Switch.

Check out a list of my work.

I try to build enjoyable things, and tools that help build enjoyable things! Have fun, and not take things too seriously.

Random Prototype Snapshots

LSystem HandGun BouncyWaveBall MLGridFitter

Twitter 🐦 Github 🐙 Itch 🕹️ Shadertoy 🌀 Linkedin 🕴️ Instagram 🏄