Ross Borchers 🎮

Hey! I'm Ross; a game developer based in Cape Town. This is my public portfolio and blog.

  • I work as a gameplay programmer, systems architect and experience designer at RenderHeads Where we build immersive interactive exhibits, brand activations, mobile and VR games. đŸ’ģđŸĨŊ
  • I'm the developer and maintainer of Unity Git Repository Manager which aims to modularize and speed up development on large unity projects using git.
  • Summed up I try to build pretty things, and tools that help build pretty things! I hope you find something here that gives you joy! 🌌

I plan to post some of the work I'm the most proud of here (Lets see how that goes) I may also post design journals of my thoughts about the games I play here, to try and formalize some of my learnings; Stream of consciousness stuff.


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